Ancient Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 2 – June 26-July 7 – Ancient Egypt: Scarabs, Sculptures and Scripts
Scribes, artisans, farmers, and peasants: Your position in society directed your life. Yet everyone planned for the future – that is, the future after life! What did mummies have to do with your daily Egyptian life? What goes into the process of mummification? Sculpt the Eye of Horus and heart scarabs, and create funerary masks and ushabti figurines (your little helpers in the afterlife). Discover the complicated yet fascinating ancient Egyptian writing system of hieroglyphs and make a metal cartouche of your name. Focusing on after life – pyramids and all – brings a lot of energy to your day!

Session 3 – July 10-21 – Ancient Egypt: Tales, Tombs and Tut
Good king, bad king… god-king? Akhenaten, Tut and Ramesses II – how would you categorize each? Read between the (hieroglyphic) lines from “The Book of Coming Forth by Day” (aka “Book of the Dead”) as we design our sarcophagus. Make amulets to honor the gods. Create a map of the Nile River and honor its life-giving powers: What is its significance to the culture? Sample Egyptian delicacies at our festival for Bastet, the cat goddess. Make your own cat mummy as a devotional gift to her. Investigate the mystery of the great pyramids, and write in hieroglyphs.

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