GRC’s Space Academy

Completing Grades 1-5

Session 2 – June 26-July 7 — Colonizing the Cosmos: Is There Any Place Like Home?
Will you colonize another galaxy like the Star Wars™ universe or an orbiting space settlement in Star Trek style? Who will build the basics of your habitat? Send up the robots you design, of course, using LEGO® robotics! Will any local resources (minerals, liquids) be usable? What can shield your new world from the danger of cosmic rays? Design a space suit that will sustain you through travels and daily life. Where can you find materials and life-sustaining resources – on moons of planets, other bodies in our universe, or exoplanets in new solar systems? Construct and launch your own rocket to lift off on your adventure!

Session 3 – July 10-21 — Cosmic Catastrophes: Novas, Supernovas and Black Holes!
Join us as we use math and science to unravel the mysteries of many cosmic catastrophes! What do we know about the debris that formed our moon? Simulate the formation of craters – take measurements and determine what they tell us about age. With LEGO® robotics, develop tests to use on other planets and moons. How can we track and deflect asteroids and meteoroids? Is a shooting star a cosmic catastrophe? What other occurrences in space might start as a catastrophe and become new star systems or planets? Build and launch your own model rocket.

Advanced Space Academy – Completing Grades 6-8

Session 2 – June 26-July 7 — Colonizing the Cosmos: Is a Galaxy in Your Future?
Explore the possibilities and dangers of colonization in outer space as you experiment with survival systems, weather and more. Is an underground colony your best bet? You know the dangers of traveling there, but what dangers are you bringing to your new home? Can you seed clouds for your planet using rockets? You’ve studied planned survival on a planet; what if your vehicle fails and you are stuck somewhere in flight? Explore recent theories of warp drive power using space-time waves and warp bubbles. Will this get us closer to Han-Solo-like hyperspace travel? How can we recycle carbon dioxide to generate energy on another planet? Master the day-to-day challenges in your colony with engineering using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics. Design, build, launch and evaluate the performance of your own rocket. Visit the Challenger Center, serving on the spacecraft and in mission control.

Session 3 – July 10-21 — Cosmic Catastrophes: Natural & Human-made
Explore the phenomenon of two black holes that crashed into each other and merged, creating gravitational waves. Why have scientists programmed probes to deliberately crash into a planet? What are the long-term scientific implications of these events? How did scientists master flight dynamics such that the Rosetta landed on Comet 67P only 33 meters from the target point? Explore NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission. Examine the resulting impact when the Shoemaker-Levy comet broke apart and hit Jupiter. Why is Jupiter considered a “cosmic vacuum cleaner”? Incorporate engineering into your experiments with LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics. Design, build and launch rockets. Visit the Challenger Center, serving on the spacecraft and in mission control.

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