Session 1

Math, Marvels, & More – Completing Grades K-2
Equations, Energy and Expression

It’s going to be a positively electric summer! In science, explore the physics of force, motion and electrical circuits. Experiment with Newton’s laws to launch airplanes, rockets, cars and wind-powered sailboats. Search for hidden treasure with magnetoscopes, and use crashing Hot Wheels™ cars to unravel clues about force in motion. In math, send numbers dancing across your mind! Manipulate algebraic equations with variables, use positive and negative integers, and explore inequalities. In creative expression, experiment with music and movement, art and motion. Generate music and song as you use the forces of motion and wind to make musical instruments. Create zany, interactive art and explore the energy level it generates! Join us for an electrifying two weeks of experiments, equations and expressive art!

ECO Academy – Completing Grades 3-8
ECO-nomics + ECO-logy

Do you like to make money? Do you want to run a business? Tap your own environmental energy and power a world of (business) change. How much financial backing can you acquire for your startup through stock sales? Debate ecological issues for your business, while designing an environmentally responsible product that inspires others. Does your business model address the dynamics of the marketplace? Take your business from financial planning to marketing to production and sales. Scientific inquiry, advertising art, decision-making skills, financial and mathematical interests – all in a day’s work for the ECO in YOU!

Academy Themes Connect With Physical Training
An integral part of each Summer Academy experience, our physical training (PT) is no ordinary play time. Activities are directly linked to each Summer Academy. For example, in Math, Marvels & More, enjoy scooterboard math games and cooperative math aerobics. Space cadets will use teamwork in their cooperative games as they prepare for space travel. No matter the era or interest, PT always spells F-U-N!

$475 per 2-week session

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