Session 2

Jr. Science Searchers – Completing Kindergarten
From Outer Space to Ocean Depths

Explore the reaches of outer space as we contemplate the sun, moon, planets and stars. Develop the surface of the moon as we learn about its sea, volcanoes and Apollo landings, and build your own miniature ‘moon rover.’ How far can you jump on the moon? Calculate your weight on other planets. Harness the energy of the sun in your solar oven to roast toasty marshmallows. Next, plunge into the mysteries of the ocean. Meet and study its animals, large and small, friendly and dangerous. Make edible aquariums. Learn how the bodies of sharks are both similar and different from ours. Clean up a mini oil spill and find out how we can protect the ocean.

Ancient Academy – Completing Grades 3-8
Ancient Egypt: Scarabs, Sculptures and Scripts

Scribes, artisans, farmers, and peasants: Your position in society directed your life. Yet everyone planned for the future – that is, the future after life! What did mummies have to do with your daily Egyptian life? What goes into the process of mummification? Sculpt the Eye of Horus and heart scarabs, and create funerary masks and ushabti figurines (your little helpers in the afterlife). Discover the complicated yet fascinating ancient Egyptian writing system of hieroglyphs and make a metal cartouche of your name. Focusing on after life – pyramids and all – brings a lot of energy to your day!

GRC’s Space Academy – Completing Grades 1-5
IColonizing the Cosmos: Is There Any Place Like Home?

Will you colonize another galaxy like the Star Wars™ universe or an orbiting space settlement in Star Trek style? Who will build the basics of your habitat? Send up the robots you design, of course, using LEGO® robotics! Will any local resources (minerals, liquids) be usable? What can shield your new world from the danger of cosmic rays? Design a space suit that will sustain you through travels and daily life. Where can you find materials and life-sustaining resources – on moons of planets, other bodies in our universe, or exoplanets in new solar systems? Construct and launch your own rocket to lift off on your adventure!

GRC’s Advanced Space Academy – Completing Grades 6-8
Colonizing the Cosmos: Is a Galaxy in Your Future?

Explore the possibilities and dangers of colonization in outer space as you experiment with survival systems, weather and more. Is an underground colony your best bet? You know the dangers of traveling there, but what dangers are you bringing to your new home? Can you seed clouds for your planet using rockets? You’ve studied planned survival on a planet; what if your vehicle fails and you are stuck somewhere in flight? Explore recent theories of warp drive power using space-time waves and warp bubbles. Will this get us closer to Han-Solo-like hyperspace travel? How can we recycle carbon dioxide to generate energy on another planet? Master the day-to-day challenges in your colony with engineering using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics. Design, build, launch and evaluate the performance of your own rocket. Visit the Challenger Center, serving on the spacecraft and in mission control.

Academy Themes Connect With Physical Training

An integral part of each Summer Academy experience, our physical training (PT) is no ordinary play time. Activities are directly linked to each Summer Academy. For example, in Math, Marvels & More, enjoy scooterboard math games and cooperative math aerobics. Space cadets will use teamwork in their cooperative games as they prepare for space travel. No matter the era or interest, PT always spells F-U-N!

$475 per 2-week session

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