Session 3

Jr. Science Searchers – Completing Kindergarten
From Dinosaurs to Tropical Rainforests

Don your paleontologist hat and take a trip back to the time of the dinosaurs. Hatch a dinosaur egg, as we learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Construct fossils and ponder the continental drift; explore body types and teeth structures of dinosaurs. Join us for a ‘safari’ as we locate tropical rainforests on a map. How do plants, as well as animals like monkeys, bats and frogs, survive? What spices would you find? Make your own spice blend. Discover the beauty of bromeliads and pitcher plants. Experience the unique sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest!

Ancient Academy – Completing Grades 3-8
Ancient Egypt: Tales, Tombs and Tut

Good king, bad king… god-king? Akhenaten, Tut and Ramesses II – how would you categorize each? Read between the (hieroglyphic) lines from “The Book of Coming Forth by Day” (aka “Book of the Dead”) as we design our sarcophagus. Make amulets to honor the gods. Create a map of the Nile River and honor its life-giving powers: What is its significance to the culture? Sample Egyptian delicacies at our festival for Bastet, the cat goddess. Make your own cat mummy as a devotional gift to her. Investigate the mystery of the great pyramids, and write in hieroglyphs.

GRC’s Space Academy – Completing Grades 1-5
Cosmic Catastrophes: Novas, Supernovas and Black Holes!

Join us as we use math and science to unravel the mysteries of many cosmic catastrophes! What do we know about the debris that formed our moon? Simulate the formation of craters – take measurements and determine what they tell us about age. With LEGO® robotics, develop tests to use on other planets and moons. How can we track and deflect asteroids and meteoroids? Is a shooting star a cosmic catastrophe? What other occurrences in space might start as a catastrophe and become new star systems or planets? Build and launch your own model rocket.

GRC’s Advanced Space Academy – Completing Grades 6-8
Cosmic Catastrophes: Natural & Human-made

Explore the phenomenon of two black holes that crashed into each other and merged, creating gravitational waves. Why have scientists programmed probes to deliberately crash into a planet? What are the long-term scientific implications of these events? How did scientists master flight dynamics such that the Rosetta landed on Comet 67P only 33 meters from the target point? Explore NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission. Examine the resulting impact when the Shoemaker-Levy comet broke apart and hit Jupiter. Why is Jupiter considered a “cosmic vacuum cleaner”? Incorporate engineering into your experiments with LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics. Design, build and launch rockets. Visit the Challenger Center, serving on the spacecraft and in mission control.

Academy Americana – Completing Grades 1-3
Colonial Times: Hamilton & Friends!

Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and others: They were once young, scrappy and hungry! Complete your day-to-day chores, making soap, brooms and clothing for your family, and then walk to school, carrying your important possessions in a pocket or haversack that you’ve made. Practice writing lessons with a quill and enjoy colonial games with your friends. Become an apprentice to the local tinsmith, blacksmith or printer. How was the Jefferson cylinder – a cipher wheel – used to decode messages during the Revolutionary War? Follow the path of the Founding Fathers and use democratic principles from the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to create your own system of laws. History has its eyes on you!

Academy Themes Connect With Physical Training

An integral part of each Summer Academy experience, our physical training (PT) is no ordinary play time. Activities are directly linked to each Summer Academy. For example, in Math, Marvels & More, enjoy scooterboard math games and cooperative math aerobics. Space cadets will use teamwork in their cooperative games as they prepare for space travel. No matter the era or interest, PT always spells F-U-N!

$475 per 2-week session

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